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                      Miss. Connie Liu


                      Job Title:sales manager 




                      Mobile Phone:+8618071253566

                      Address:TianCheng Industrial Park  Chongyang Country,XiangNing,HuBei Province ,China

                      Polyester thermo bonding knitting yarn

                      Polyester thermo bonding knitting yarn

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                      Polyester thermo bonding knitting yarn  


                      Our products have passed the EU (Oeko-Tex? Standard100) harmful substances test.Accords with 

                      the newest textile clauses which EU regulations established 

                      for babies and children products. 



                      Introduction of our products:


                      The company’ s production of  the low melting point of polyester filament is a national initiative by the 

                      company to complete the project of scientific and technological achievements of the low melting point of 

                      polyester filaments .Preparation took place on Nov. 17th,2012 by the provincial science and technology 

                      achievement appraisal.The appraisal committee agreed that the project technology has reached the leading 

                      domestic level.Product quality to meet or exceed the similar foreign products.


                        Polyester thermo bonding knitting yarn  is widely used to plain weaving,knitting,weaving,embroidery and other production 

                      process.Specific temperature treatment,then decomposition. With your design to replace the exiting 

                      manufacturing process. Our company's production concept is :” Improve the production efficiency  save cost ,

                      improve the quality of products, stable, reliable, high-tech, high standards




                      Details of our products:




                        Polyester thermo bonding knitting yarn   


                      20D/6F, 30D/6F,50D/20F,70D/20F ,100D/20F ,150D/40F


                      100% polyester

                      Melting point

                      110°C, 130°C

                      Melting condition

                      Dry heat can be hot and humid


                      Raw white





                      Most suitable for use in the separation of the collar piece ,ribbed trim,

                      lace ribbons,socks,jeans stone washing process,pockets

                      ,tubular fabric,cuffs,socks mouth selvage kinds of collar and waist(pants,skirts)

                      with cheap production process.


                      Low melting point,strong adhesive strength, solidification,wear-resisting, bond and  finalize the design.high yield, low production cost.

                      Delivery Time

                      10 to 25 days After receiving client's down payment


                      100kg per Specification


                      Superiority of our products:


                      The separation process can provide benefits to you:


                      1. Per dozen organizations film separation process cab save an average 2.5 minute

                      2.Piece –knitted saving time sent to the next process

                      3.Containing separatist silk woven piece can be separated harmlessly sent to the next process,which in the 

                        traditional process is very difficult.



                      Specification: 20d,30d,40d,50d,70d,100d,150d and ect special specifications can be customized.


                      Melting point:110°C,130°C



                      Why buy from us?


                      Quality ensurance --We are in professional technology advanced production equipment and modern management mode 

                      so as to improve our products’quality and production efficiency.


                      Innovation--We  have the independent developing department and to get latest products’ information,

                      providing customers with more information .


                      Services--We have a leam with 7 years exports expressions,besides our company are in high demand.

                      We supply "Three Guarantees" to all the customers.




                      Our advantages:


                      1.We are manufactory,we are the source.


                      2.Our factory has been in this line for 15 years,we can offer you products with good quality and low price.


                      3.The quality can be guaranteed by our profession QC team.


                      4.On time delivery can be assured by our hardworking workers.


                      5.There are 8 production lines and over 200 workers in the factory.




                      Sample show time:








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                       Packing and Delivery 


                      The certificate of our company: Hu Bei province Yu Tao Speial Fiber  Co.,Ltd




                      Got any questions or needs,pls feel free to contact me at anytime:



                      Connect person :Connie Liu


                      Mobile number:+0086-18071253566


                      Skype ID:Conniehui08


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