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                      Fusible Bonding Yarn

                      Fusible Bonding Yarn

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                      Fusible Bonding Yarn

                      · What is it?

                      · Fusible Bonding Yarn is a low-melt filament yarn used for technical applications in the clothing industry worldwide. These yarns are made from either low-melt nylon or low melt polyester. Yarns are produced to melt at a range of temperatures and in various yarn counts (Denier).

                      Details of our Fusible Bonding Yarn:


                      Fusible Bonding Yarn  


                      20D/6F 30D/6F,50D/20F,70D/20F ,100D/20F ,150D/40F,special specificaiton customize


                      100% polyester

                      Melting point

                      110°C, 130°C

                      Melting condition

                      Dry heat can be hot and humid


                      Raw white




                      Available for seamless underwear,  Low melting point fusible thermal bonding polyester

                      filament and jacquard weave.Bond over leather and new products


                      Low melting point,strong adhesive strength, solidification,wear-resisting, play effects of 

                      thermal bonding, finalize the design, reinforcing,improve the product’s

                      puncture resistance and breaking strength.bonding and  finalize the design.

                      high yield, low production cost.

                      Delivery Time

                      10 to 15 days After receiving client's down payment


                      100kg per Specification


                      · What does it do?

                      · Fusible Bonding Yarns are used in the textile industry to:


                      · Improve quality of finished garment

                      · Solve production problems

                      · Innovate new production techniques

                      · How does it work?

                      · Fusible  Bonding Yarns are stitched, knitted or woven into fabric or garments. When u heat the Fusible Bonding Yarns and reach the melting point,the yarn will melt compeletly, like the glue then heat and bonding other yarn or fiber.It is possible to be very exact in the use of Fusible and pinpoint precisely where it will be most effective. When the correct amount of heat is applied to Fusible Yarn, it produces a change in the molecular structure and melts.


                      · Where is it used?

                      · Fusible Bonding Yarn has been successfully used in the textile industry for many years. The possibilities are endless, but current uses include:


                      · Unidirectional weaving - to produce flat fabrics in carbon or glass fibre

                      · 3D Fly knit shoes upper material

                      · textile fabrics, women's underwear, ribbon, lace, yarn

                      ·  electronics and cable industry

                      · Seams - to prevent puckering

                      · Blind Stitching - to prevent hems 'unraveling'

                      · Picot Edging - to prevent picot yarn from snagging or pulling out

                      · Trouser Waist Bands - replaces show and expensive sewing operations

                      · Work Gloves - effectively seals raw edge at cuff

                      · Bonded Chenille Yarn - to prevent 'shedding' of loose fibres

                      · Bonded Sewing Threads - to prevent threads 'splitting' during sewing

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